IMG_6914Despite being a self-described nerd, and an eclectic one at that, sci-fi was never my “thing”. At least I didn’t think it was.

Then some friends of mine met Jenna-Louise Coleman at an In-N-Out, and I figured I’d watch Doctor Who to see what all the hullaballoo was about. A Time Lord traveling through time and space didn’t sound like my cup of tea, but I’d give it a shot. Little did I know I’d soon be defending Donna as my favorite companion (Amy’s a close second), and comparing the UCI anteater to the Ood.

Then came Firefly, the Joss Whedon-directed space western that didn’t get a chance. And The Neighbors, which was also tragically cut short.

After coming to terms with having to admit I thought sci-fi was cool, I saw just how underrated the genre really is, often discarded as something for young boys and men who add “Klingon” to their list of languages on Facebook.

What I’d failed to realize in all this time was the potential these stories have to explore our humanity in-depth – precisely because it transports us beyond the limits of our beloved earth and/or human nature.

Just as the horror genre is an opportunity to discuss the supernatural, science fiction is a medium to delve into what makes us human and the ethical dilemmas we’re faced with. Think Jurassic Park, District 9, or Frankenstein.

Needless to say, I’m proud to show off my ticket to last night’s showing of Serenity at a local theater. And while I confess I’ve still never watched the Star Wars trilogy (because apparently we don’t acknowledge Episodes 1-3) all the way through, I might be persuaded to do so before the new movie comes out. 😉


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