Dress shopping with Kiddo - we looked like the princess and the pauper!
Goofing off in the fitting room…we looked like the princess and the pauper!

My baby sister went off to prom today, a total vision in white. She’ll dance the night away, probably throwing in some tutting with her two-step for fun.

Come tomorrow afternoon, she’ll walk up and receive her hard-earned diploma. Then we’ll dance the night away (again).

Let the the teary-eyed, high-pitched “awww’s” ensue. Because time seriously flew by growing up with this fabulous little lady!

From the tiny spitfire doing cartwheels in flouncy dresses who drove this bookworm crazy…

To the sweet middle schooler whose youthful spirit and affectionate smile endeared her to anyone and everyone…

To the devious kid who appointed me her chaperone and dragged me to K-Con, opening up my world to new things…like Gangnam Style and Wong Fu Productions…


To the bright, hilarious, caring ray of sunshine I get to call “best friend”…


…I couldn’t be prouder of my Kiddo, and I’m so excited to see how she graces her corner of the world with tremendous talent, faith, and a big smile on her face.

 Cheers to the graduating class of 2015!


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