Two doses of thankfulness for the price of one! 😉

I spent Monday at the “Happiest Place on Earth” with one of my oldest and dearest friends. Even more than the fact that I bought my annual pass before Disney hiked up their prices again…I’m thankful for the incredible friend I have in her.

She’s the kind of person who stops by with flowers and chocolate after a break-up, and makes you forget that it’s California-freezing outside because the conversation’s just that good.



The best part of the evening was gabbing outside the Starbucks on Main Street with a churro and coffee in hand.

Flash forward to Tuesday. Today was mostly spent dusting, sweeping, and catching up on laundry. What a blessing! It’s a blessing to have a bed to make, clothes to maintain, pictures of loved ones to re-arrange…and a gift that I often take for granted.

Also, it’s raining! The fuzzy socks are coming out.


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