The Fifth Epoch of Communication

It was in one of my college journalism classes that I first learned about the Five Epochs of Communication. Boiled down, they explain the evolution of how humans communicated with others from the beginning of time to present day.

For example, we began with cave paintings – one person communicating with another, over an extended period of time. The message may have been about imminent danger, the location of food, or about the people who came before.

As our communication style has evolved through the centuries from person-to-person to multiple-people-to-multiple-people, and the transmission time reduced to mere nanoseconds…it’s almost amusing that we still rely on icons to relay messages. Think bathroom signs and orange cones. But I digress.

Or this sign with a clear prejudice
In one day…While social media and other platforms of instant communication often get a bad rep for turning people into zombies, it’s a gift I’m thankful for today.

…I goofed off with my sister while she’s away at school for overnight study sessions.

…I shared a laugh (read: Catholic Memes) with my dad, as well as a couple of friends on the other side of the county.

…I caught up with two of my best friends – one living five hours away, and the other 1,000 miles away – as if there were no distance between us.

I’m thankful for the gift of staying in touch with loved ones; the distance made a little easier to overcome by the fifth epoch of communication.


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