Auld Lang Syne



The New Year is so appealing. It’s this unifying experience of facing the unknown together. We look forward to this tangible fresh start, ready to struggle and suffer and triumph this time around…together.

This time, I killed my 2015 resolutions.

Part of it was my own blood, sweat, and tears (mostly sweat). Most of it was divine intervention – I couldn’t help but laugh when I realized how much time I had this past year to take beach trips, to curl up with a book, to spend quality time with family and friends…

It wasn’t a year I’d love to repeat to a T, I’ll admit. Some of those plot twists were brutal. But I learned that for every hardship, there’s more than a silver lining – there’s grace. And I came out the other end of it a slightly better version of myself.

As the holidays wind down and I have a chance to scribble all over my brand new 2016 planner (my Christmas present to myself), I have no idea how the plan will change.

I figured I’d jot my resolutions down in there anyway.


This year, I will:

Buy an extra present on birthdays so I’m not shopping last-minute like a mad woman. This is the most practical thing I’ve ever set out to do.

Commit to volunteer regularly. It is the Year of Mercy!

Start working towards a Master’s degree.

Gain experience working in a classroom setting.

Take up running? I’ll get back to you on that one. 😉

Meditate on the daily readings (the Blessed is She devotions are great for keeping up this habit), as well as finish reading The Way.


Enter 2017 a better version of myself. 







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