The Fifth Epoch of Communication

I’m thankful for the gift of staying in touch with loved ones; the distance made a little easier to overcome by the fifth epoch of communication.


Disneyland and Chill

The best part of the evening was gabbing outside the Starbucks on Main Street with a churro and coffee in hand.

Healthy Lungs

As we begin a new month, I start out thankful for the gift of perspective.

Chapter Two

Once upon a time, I had this cool marketing job in entertainment. It was the one I got almost right out of college: my first big girl job, with a 401k and everything…and I totally let it define me.

Expanding my horizons

Despite being a self-described nerd, and an eclectic one at that, sci-fi was never my “thing”. At least I didn’t think it was.

Miracle pills

So this one’s about one of those things you never ask a woman, like her age or whether her hair is naturally blonde.

Weight, that number on the scale.

Ordinary blessings.

It’s taking a step back from the overwhelming “everything” (otherwise known as “life”) and being very still.

Proving Pins: San Giuseppe Edition

Happy St. Joseph’s day! I tried my hand at a couple of Italian recipes I’ve been itching to try ever since spotting them on Pinterest.

Stop complaining.

The plan was to write an frustrated complaint titled “Mirror, mirror on the wall”…