Noche Buena

As my sister and I get older, the subject of traditions and how we’ll spend them when we have families of our own has come up a couple times …


Kindred Spirits

Today, I am thankful for the kindred spirits in my life.

The Fifth Epoch of Communication

I’m thankful for the gift of staying in touch with loved ones; the distance made a little easier to overcome by the fifth epoch of communication.

Disneyland and Chill

The best part of the evening was gabbing outside the Starbucks on Main Street with a churro and coffee in hand.

Healthy Lungs

As we begin a new month, I start out thankful for the gift of perspective.

Chapter Two

Once upon a time, I had this cool marketing job in entertainment. It was the one I got almost right out of college: my first big girl job, with a 401k and everything…and I totally let it define me.

Expanding my horizons

Despite being a self-described nerd, and an eclectic one at that, sci-fi was never my “thing”. At least I didn’t think it was.

Miracle pills

So this one’s about one of those things you never ask a woman, like her age or whether her hair is naturally blonde.

Weight, that number on the scale.

Ordinary blessings.

It’s taking a step back from the overwhelming “everything” (otherwise known as “life”) and being very still.